Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For the past couple years, I've been writing about the things that impact my heart, my mind, and my life. Little things - average experiences - that end up impacting me in a big way. As I've looked into my every-day "moments" as a woman, a wife, a mother, a homemaker, and a citizen of my country, I've learned to see beyond the surface experience and see a life lesson. I've realized that God has taught me so much about myslef, about Himself, and about who He wants us to be... just through little "moments" in my life that could have easily been glanced over. When I take the time to analyze the deeper meanings of my moments, and look deeper into the spiritual significance of the little things that happen in my day, my eyes are opened to a whole world of wisdom and heart-felt "moments" with God that I could have missed altogether had I not been listening for the still small knock on my heart's door.

I started writing about these moments a couple years ago when I moved to the mountains of North Carolina in 2006. As a stay-home mom with a son just starting pre-school, I had time on my hands, new experiences on my horizon, and new scenery outside my door. Writing became my passion, and I began writing spiritual devotions, Bible studies, and just every-day short stories about little things that happened in my day that ended up translating into things that impacted my life in a big way. These "moments" as I call them, have shaped who I am, how I live my life, and how I've developed an intimate relationship with my Creator. They were just regular little moments in my average mundane day, that I began to realize were actually teachable moments orchestrated by God Himslef to connect His heart to mine. These moments have turned into a collection of writings that I hope to one day make into a book - one that inspires average, every-day women like me (wives, moms, daughters, sisters, and private citizens) to look deeper into what seems like their mundane daily experiences and allow God to open a whole world of insight into His beauty, His character, and His love for us.

If you learn to look for it, God can use something simple that comes out of the mouth of your 4 year-old to be the profound words that make you realize just how He feels about you in that moment. If you slow down and begin to look at life through your God-given spiritual "glasses", you can learn to see Him in a way that you never have before. And you'll realize that He truly walks with you - every moment of every day.

The writings in this blog are ones that I will use to eventually compose my book called "Moments". I will post my earlier writings, on this blog as well as continue to write about and share anecdotes from my current daily experiences. My prayer is that it will inspire readers to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ through their own daily expereinces... or at the very least, encourage them to enjoy life a little more.

I am a wife - married to my first love for 10 years - and a mother of two boys (ages 7 & 18 months). I am a homemaker who occassionally works part-time outside the home to get adult-interaction and away from diapers. However, I absolutely love caring for my family and managing my home. I love spending time with my husband (who is the love of my life and my best friend), cooking, raising my boys, worshipping God, reading, writing, being outdoors, decorating, and of course shopping! I live in Asheville, North Carolina, and there is no other place I'd rather be. I graduated from the University of Florida (go Gators) with a degree in Health Science Education.

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